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I was so confused with this whole process I almost wanted to give up. I was referred to Jan by a friend and the way she explained how Medicare works and broke down my plan options, it came together and made sense to me. Thanks to her effort and patience, I have the plan that is working for me.

Michael, J

Jan explained to me about my guarantee issue period. I spoke with two other agents and no one went over this. Thank goodness I never went with that first plan choice because I wouldn’t have this Medicare supplement coverage right now.  I am very grateful.

Maria. M

Taking the mystery out of medicare

maximizing your social security benefits

Everyone likes options.  Everyone needs options.  But sometimes the options are confusing.  And a mistake can make a big difference in retirement income or healthcare. For example:

  • How to get the most out of Medicare.
  • How to navigate Social Security.
  • How to know what insurances you need – and even if you need them.

A certified National Social Security Advisor, Jan Knight navigates these complex options with a calm, experienced, personally tailored approach that makes it all quite painless and reassuringly simple.

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